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American Maritain Association: Publications 1988-2014

American Maritain Association Publications

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Creator: American Maritain Association
Title: American Maritain Association Publications
Dates: 1988-2014.
Extent: 21 Volumes
Identification: AMA


Association of philosophers and scholars who respect Jacques Maritain.

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Scope and Content

Essays by members of the American Maritain Association concerning the philosophy of Jacques Maritain, Saint Thomas Aquinas, and other Thomistic philosophers. These essays generally came from papers presented at the annual conferences of the Association.

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AMA American Maritain Association: Publications 1988-2014

AMA Jacques Maritain: The Man and His Metaphysics / Edited by John F. X. Knasas 1988

American Maritain Association: Proceedings of the 1987 Annual Meeting held on October 29 - November 1, 1987 in Montreal, Canada, sponsored by the Canadian Maritain Association.

AMA Jacques Maritain: The Man and His Metaphysics - Title Page 1988

AMA Jacques Maritain: The Man and His Metaphysics - Table of Contents 1988

AMA Jacques Maritain: The Man and His Metaphysics - Editor's Preface 1988

AMA Poetry, Poetic, and the Maritains / Judith Suther 1988

AMA Loneliness and the Existent: The Dark Nights of Raissa Maritain and Pierre Reverdy / Bernard Doering 1988

AMA Raissa, Jacques and the Abyss of Christian Orthodoxy / William Bush 1988

AMA Maritain and the Rise of Fascism / John Hellman 1988

AMA Maritain and Péguy: A Reassessment / Pierre L'Abbé 1988

AMA Réflexions sur l'intelligence / Thomas De Koninck 1988

AMA The Intuition of Being: Metaphysics or Poetry / John P. Hittinger 1988

AMA How Thomistic is the Intuition of Being? / John F. X. Knasas 1988

AMA L'intuition de l'ȇtre chez Maritain / Bertrand Rioux 1988

AMA Bergsonian Recollections in Maritain / Peter Redpath 1988

AMA De l'existence et de l'éducation / Michel Legault 1988

AMA Voluntarism in Ethics / Ralph Nelson 1988

AMA The Christian Existentialist Political Philosophy of Maritain / Charles P. O'Donnell 1988

AMA Natural Law and Economic Humanism / John W. Cooper 1988

AMA Modernization and Human Values / Joseph J. Califano 1988

AMA Foundations of Maritain's Notion of the Artist's "Self" / John G. Trapani, Jr. 1988

AMA Freedom and the unconscious / Roger Duncan 1988

AMA Making Something Out of Nihilation / John C. Cahalan 1988

AMA The Sin of Man and the Love of God / Michael Torre 1988

AMA Existential Realism and Freedom of Choice / Vukan Kuic 1988

AMA Without Me You Can Do Nothing / Desmond FitzGerald 1988

AMA Evil in Maritain and Lonergan: the Emerging Possibility of a Synthesis / David Higgins 1988

AMA Freedom, Existence and Existentialism / Laura Westra 1988

AMA Can Happiness Be Saved? / Deal W. Hudson 1988

AMA The Contemporaneity of Maritain's Existence and the Existent / Raymond Dennehy 1988

AMA "Le témoignage intellectuellement manifesté" / Jean-Louis Allard 1988

AMA Freedom in the Modern World: Jacques Maritain, Yves R. Simon, Mortimer Adler / Edited by Michael D. Torre 1989

American Maritain Association: Proceedings of the 1988 Annual Meeting held at the University of Notre Dame.

AMA Freedom in the Modern World - Title Page 1989

AMA Freedom in the Modern World - Contents 1989

AMA Reading Between the Lines / Michael D. Torre 1989

AMA Recollections of Three Thinkers: Adler, Simon and Maritain / Donald A. Gallagher 1989

AMA Great Books, Democracy, and Truth / Mortimer J. Adler 1989

AMA Adler's The Idea of Freedom / Desmond J. Fitzgerald 1989

AMA A Dialectical Version of Philosophical Discussion / Otto Bird 1989

AMA Adler on Freedom / Ralph McInerny 1989

AMA Mr. Adler and Matthew Arnold / John Van Doren 1989

AMA Democracy and Philosophy: On Yves R. Simon and Mortimer J. Adler / George Anastaplo 1989

AMA Freedom and Determination: An Examination of Yves R. Simon's Ontology of Freedom / Catherine Green 1989

AMA Metaphysical Foundations of Freedom In the Social and Political Thought of Yves R. Simon / S. Iniobong Udoidem 1989

AMA Freedom and Practical Rationality in the Thought of Yves R. Simon / Robert J. Mulvaney 1989

AMA Prudence as the Cornerstone of the Contemporary Thomistic Philosophy of Freedom / Marianne Mahoney 1989

AMA Yves R. Simon's Contribution to a Structural Political Pluralism / David T. Koyzis 1989

AMA Freedom and Economic Organization in a Democracy / Ralph Nelson 1989

AMA Parallels on Work, Theory and Practice in Yves R. Simon and John Paul II / John A. Gueguen 1989

AMA Maritain, Simon, and Vichy's Elite Schools / John Hellman 1989

AMA Creative Intuition, Great Books and Freedom of Intellect / Robert Royal 1989

AMA The Philosophical Meaning of American Civilization in World History / Michael Novak 1989

AMA Nominalism, Usury, and Bourgeois Man / Matthew J. Mancini 1989

AMA Modernization of the Law of the Prise de Conscience / Joseph J. Califano 1989

AMA Approaches to Democratic Equality: Maritain, Simon, and Kolnai / John P. Hittinger 1989

AMA Being is Better Than Freedom / Raymond Dennehy 1989

AMA The Freedoms of Man and Their Relation to God / Michael D. Torre 1989

AMA Appendix, Contributors, Select Bibliography, Index / Donald A. Gallagher 1989

AMA From Twilight to Dawn: The Cultural Vision of Jacques Maritain / Edited by Peter Redpath 1990

American Maritain Association: Proceedings of the 1989 Annual Meeting held in San Francisco.

AMA From Twilight to Dawn - Opening Pages 1990

AMA From Twilight to Dawn - Table of Contents 1990

AMA Introduction: Calvary or the Slaughter-house / James V. Schall 1990

AMA Dogmatism and Belief in French Cultural Life in the 1930 / Judith D. Suther 1990

AMA Exiles and Fugitives: The Maritain-Tate-Gordon Letters / John M. Dunaway 1990

AMA Maritain's American Illusions / Matthew J. Mancini 1990

AMA The Philosophy of Work and the Future of Civilization: Maritain, Weil and Simon / Bernard Doering 1990

AMA Jacques Maritain and the Future of Democratic Authority / Charles P. O'Donnell 1990

AMA Bernanosian Barbs and Maritain's Marigny Lecture / William Bush 1990

AMA World War II and the anti-Democratic Impulse in Catholicism / John Hellman 1990

AMA Foundationalism and Foundation in Strauss and Maritain / D. T. Asselin 1990

AMA Creative Intuition in American Film: Maritain at the Movies / Robert E. Lauder 1990

AMA Maritain's Account of the Social Sciences / Ralph Nelson 1990

AMA Maritain and the Future of Reason / William J. Boyle 1990

AMA Human Nature and Unnatural Humanisms / Robert Royal 1990

AMA Human Suffering and Our Post-Civilized Cultural Mind: A Maritainian Analysis / Joseph J. Califano 1990

AMA Maritain and Rifkin: Two Critiques / John G. Trapani, Jr. 1990

AMA Poetic Revenge and Modern Totalitarianism / Peter A. Redpath 1990

AMA A Return to the Crossroads: A Maritainian View of the New Educational Reformers / Curtis L. Hancock 1990

AMA Maritain and Happiness in Modern Thomism / Deal W. Hudson 1990

AMA The Philosophy of Culture in Jacques Maritain / Donald A. Gallagher 1990

AMA Reflections on Maritain's Le Crépuscule de la Civilisation / Ralph McInerny 1990

AMA From Twilight to Dawn - Contributors, Select Bibliography, Index 1990

AMA The Future of Thomism / Edited by Deal W. Hudson and Dennis Wm. Moran 1992

American Maritain Association: Proceedings of the 1990 Annual Meeting held on October 25-27, 1990 at Fordham University, Lincoln Center, New York City, New York.

AMA The Future of Thomism - Title Page, Copyright, Dedication 1992

AMA The Future of Thomism - Contents 1992

AMA The Future of Thomism: A Preface / Gerald A. McCool, S. J. 1992

AMA The Future of Thomism: An Introduction / Deal W. Hudson 1992

AMA Jacques Maritain: A Believing Philosopher / Edward A Synan 1992

AMA Is Thomas's Way of Philosophizing Still Viable Today? / Gerald A. McCool, S. J. 1992

AMA The Philosophical Catbird Seat: A Defense of Maritain's Philosophia Perennis / Raymond Dennehy 1992

AMA Discussion of McCool: From Unity to Pluralism / Robert F. Harvanek, S.J. 1992

AMA Gilson, Aeterni Patris, and the Direction of Twenty-First Century Catholic Philosophy / Desmond J. FitzGerald 1992

AMA Thomism and Contemporary Philosophical Pluralism / W. Norris Clarke, S.J. 1992

AMA Thomism and the Transition from the Classical World-View to Historical-Mindedness / Benedict M. Ashley, O.P. 1992

AMA History, Tradition, and Truth / Vincent M. Colapietro 1992

AMA On the Training of Thomists / John C. Cahalan 1992

AMA The Postmodern Aquinas: A Fresh Start / Juha-Pekka Rentto 1992

AMA Jacques Maritain and Bernard Lonergan on Divine and Human Freedom / David B. Burrell, C.S.C. 1992

AMA Gilson vs. Maritain: The Start of Thomistic Metaphysics / John F. X. Knasas 1992

AMA The Doctrine of Participation in Thomistic Metaphysics / Joseph W. Koterski, S.J. 1992

AMA Thomism and Romantic Confusions of the Good: Beauty Is Truth, Truth Beauty / Marion Montgomery 1992

AMA Thomism and Practical/Public Philosophy / Vittorio Possenti 1992

AMA Thomism After Thomism: Aquinas and the Future of Theology / J. A. DiNoia, O.P. 1992

AMA Christology, Public Theology, and Thomism: Henri de Lubac, Balthasar, and Murray / David L. Schindler 1992

AMA John Courtney Murray: A Thomist on the Truths We Hold / Jude P. Dougherty 1992

AMA The Relation of Law and Practical Reason in Aquinas / Daniel Westberg 1992

AMA Virtue Theory and the Present Evolution of Thomism / Romanus Cessario, O.P. 1992

AMA Ultimate End and Common Good in Summa Theologiae, Secunda Pars / Gregory Froelich 1992

AMA The Future of Thomism - Contributors, Index 1992

AMA Jacques Maritain and the Jews / Edited by Robert Royal 1994

Rabbi David Novak's talk on Jewish/Christian relations delivered at the Georgetown University conference in the fall of 1991 was the occasion for most of the essays in this volume.

AMA Jacques Maritain and the Jews - Title page, AMA publications, Copyright 1994

AMA Jacques Maritain and the Jews - Contents 1994

AMA Jacques Maritain and the Jews - Maritain Citation 1994

AMA A Tale of Two Peoples: An Introduction / Robert Royal 1994

AMA The Origin and Development of Maritain's Idea of the Chosen People / Bernard Doering 1994

AMA Always the Metaphysician: Maritain's Ontology of Anti-Racism / Raymond Dennehy 1994

AMA The Mystery of "The Mystery of Israel" / James V. Schall 1994

AMA Jacques Maritain's Vision of Judaism and Anti-Semitism / Rabbi Leon Klenicki 1994

AMA The Jews in the "New Middle Ages": Jacques Maritain's Anti-Semitism in Its Times / John Hellman 1994

AMA Maritain and the Jewish Question / Vittorio Possenti 1994

AMA Jacques Maritain and the Jews / Michael Novak 1994

AMA Maritain and Bergson: A Friendship Regained / Ralph Nelson 1994

AMA Images of Indestructible Israel: Raĩssa Maritain on Marc Chagall / Judith D. Suther 1994

AMA Raĩssa's Hasidic-Catholic Spirituality / Astrid M. O'Brien 1994

AMA Bloy, Maritain, and Salvation by the Jews / William Bush 1994

AMA Péguy, Dreyfus, Maritain / Robert Royal 1994

AMA Hilaire Belloc and the Jews / Desmond FitzGerald 1994

AMA Anti-Semitism, Capitalism, and Democracy / Peter A. Redpath 1994

AMA The Reception of the Maritain Medal / Donald Arthur Gallagher 1994

AMA Cher ami et maître / John M. Oesterreicher 1994

AMA A Personal Memoir / Ramon Sugranyes de Franch 1994

AMA These Little Ones / Leo R. Ward 1994

AMA A Select Bibliography on Jacques Maritain's Writings on Jews, Christians, and Anti-Semitism / Charles P. O'Donnell 1994

AMA Jacques Maritain and the Jews - Contributors 1994

AMA Jacques Maritain and the Jews - Index 1994

AMA Freedom, Virtue, and the Common Good / Edited by Curtis L. Hancock and Anthony O. Simon 1995

AMA Freedom, Virtue, and the Common Good - Front Matter 1995

AMA Freedom, Virtue, and the Common Good - Contents 1995

AMA Introduction: *Lessons and Reminders / Curtis L. Hancock & Anthony O. Simon 1995

AMA A Weakness in the "Standard Argument" for Natural Immortality / Don T. Asselin 1995

AMA Eros and the Catholic Tradition / Mary Carmen Rose 1995

AMA Non-Conceptual Knowledge in Jacques Maritain and Gabriel Marcel / Brendan Sweetman 1995

AMA The Fundamental Role of Duty in Jacques Maritain's Moral Philosophy / Donald De Marco 1995

AMA On Yves R. Simon as a Moral Philosopher / Ralph McInerny 1995

AMA A Moral Realist Perspective on Yves R. Simon's Interpretation of Habitus / John Killoran 1995

AMA Synderesis: A Key to Understanding Natural Law in Aquinas / Mark McGovern 1995

AMA A Fresh Look at the Principle of the Double Effect / W. L. LaCroix 1995

AMA "There are No Sinners in Hell!": Moral Judgments and Love in the Philosophy of Jacques Maritain / John G. Trapani 1995

AMA Rahner and Maritain on Existential Ethics / Joseph L. Pappin, III 1995

AMA Three Versions of the Nonmoral Good / Thomas Loughran 1995

AMA Tradition as "Bearer of Reason" in Alasdair MacIntyre's Moral Enquiry / Alice Ramos 1995

AMA Moral Crisis and the Turn to Narrative / Thomas Hibbs 1995

AMA Maritain's Unnatural Acts / Roger Duncan 1995

AMA Maritain and the Pursuit of Happiness in Light of Claudel, Péguy, and Bernanos / William Bush 1995

AMA Are the Poor Blessed? On Happiness and Beatitude / Deal W. Hudson 1995

AMA A Biblical View of Natural Law in the Book of Wisdom/ Joseph Koterski, S.J. 1995

AMA Morality and Christian Morality / Joseph M. de Torre 1995

AMA The Self, Intersubjectivity, and the Common Good / Joseph J. Califano 1995

AMA The Good Citizen and the Demands of Democracy: An Application of the Political Philosophy of Yves R. Simon / Diane Caplin 1995

AMA Moving Beyond Ideology in Christian Economic Thought: Yves R. Simon and the Recent Debates / Clarke E. Cochran and Thomas Rourke 1995

AMA Private Morality and Public Enforcement / Peter Redpath 1995

AMA The Scope of Justice / Ralph Nelson 1995

AMA Freedom, Virtue, and the Common Good - Epilogue / Michael Novak 1995

AMA Freedom, Virtue, and the Common Good - Contributors 1995

AMA Freedom, Virtue, and the Common Good - Index 1995

AMA Postmodernism and Christian Philosophy / Edited by Roman T. Ciapalo 1997

AMA Postmodernism and Christian Philosophy - Title Page, Acknowledgements, Contents 1995

AMA Postmodernism and Christian PhilosophyIntroduction - Nova et Vetera: Maritain as Critic / Jude P. Dougherty 1995

AMA The End of Philosophy and the End of Physics: A Dead End / Benedict Ashley, O.P. 1995

AMA Catholic Philosophy, Realism, and the Postmodern Dilemma / Don T. Asselin 1995

AMA Heidegger and Aquinas on the Self as Substance / Michael Baur 1995

AMA Reflections on "Negative Theology" in the Light of a Recent Venture to Speak of "God without Being" / David B. Burrell, C.S.C. 1995

AMA Quid Sit Postmodernismus? / John Deely 1995

AMA Feminism, Postmodernism and Thomism Confront Questions of Gender / Rosalind Smith Edman 1995

AMA The Revival of Prudence / Thomas Hibbs 1995

AMA Deconstruction and Artistic Creation: "Maritain and the Bad Boys of Philosophy" / Gregory J. Kerr 1995

AMA A Heideggerian Critique of Aquinas and a Gilsonian Reply / John F. X. Knasas 1995

AMA Unreliable Tools / Joseph W. Koterski, S.J. 1995

AMA Postmodernism: A Lonerganian Retrieval and Critique / James Marsh 1995

AMA Maritain and Postmodern Science / Matthew S. Pugh 1995

AMA Contextualizing Theoretical Reason: Thomas Aquinas and Postmodernity / Gregory M. Reichberg 1995

AMA The Forgetfulness of Beings / Robert Royal 1995

AMA On Postmodernism and the "Silence" of St. Thomas / James V. Schall, S.J. 1995

AMA The Deconstruction of Western Metaphysics: Derrida and Maritain on Identity / Brendan Sweetman 1995

AMA Thomism and Postmodernism / Joseph M. de Torre 1995

AMA Onto-theo-logical Straw: Reflections on Presence and Absence / Merold Westphal 1995

AMA Aquinas and Heidegger: Personal Esse, Truth, and Imagination / Robert E. Wood 1995

AMA Postmodernism and Christian Philosophy - Epilogue - Preserving Our Memory / Curtis L. Hancock 1995

AMA Postmodernism and Christian Philosophy - Contributors 1995

AMA Postmodernism and Christian Philosophy - Index 1995

AMA The Common Things: Essays on Thomism and Education / Edited by Daniel McInerny 1999

AMA The Common Things - Editor's Note 1999

AMA The Common Things - Introduction / Benedict M. Ashley, O.P. 1999

AMA The Public University and the Common Good / John M. Palms 1999

AMA The State of the Academy and the Hope for the Future / Herbert I. London 1999

AMA The Enlightened Mentality and Academic Freedom / Alice Ramos 1999

AMA Was Ist Aufklärung? Notes on Maritain, Rorty, and Bloom With Thanks But No Apologies to Immanuel Kant / Francis Slade 1999

AMA The Darkening of the Intellect: Four Ways of Sinning Against the Light / Donald DeMarco 1999

AMA What Happened To The Catholic University? / Curtis L. Hancock 1999

AMA The Elements of Discord: The Sine Qua Non of Education / Gregory Kerr 1999

AMA The Catholic College: At The Crossroad Or At The End Of The Road? / Robert J. McLaughlin 1999

AMA Maritain: Philosophy, The Catholic University and Truth / Robert E. Lauder 1999

AMA On The Education of Young Men and Women / James V. Schall, S.J. 1999

AMA Studiositas, The Virtue of Attention / Gregory M. Reichberg 1999

AMA Education: Restoring the Goal of Development to the Ideal of Learning / Joseph Koterski, S.J. 1999

AMA John Poinsot: On The Gift of Counsel / Romanus Cessario, O.P. 1999

AMA Learning as Recollection -- A Thomistic Approach to Recovering Higher Education / Peter A. Redpath 1999

AMA A Humble and Trembling Movement: Creative Intuition and Maritain's Philosophy of Education / Daniel McInerny 1999

AMA Great Books Business Education / Ernest S. Pierucci 1999

AMA Arts in Conflict / Michael W. Strasser 1999

AMA The Freshmen Seminar: A History of the Western University / Walter Raubicheck 1999

AMA Education for Politics: Knowing, Responsibility. and Cultural Development / Henk E.S. Woldring 1999

AMA The Multiconfusion of Multiculturalism / Jerome Meric Pessagno 1999

AMA Latin American Democracies at the Crossroads / Mario Ramos-Reyes 1999

AMA Truth Values and Cultural Pluralism / Charles R. Dechert 1999

AMA The Common Things - Contributors 1999

AMA The Common Things - Index 1999

AMA The Failure of Modernism / Edited by Brendan Sweetman 1999

AMA The Failure of Modernism - Title page / Acknowledgements / Table of Contents 1999

AMA Introduction: The Failure of Modernism / Brendan Sweetman 1999

AMA Why Descartes was not a Philosopher / Peter A. Redpath 1999

AMA Descartes's Res: An lnteractionist Difficulty / Robert Geis 1999

AMA Descartes, Mathematics and Music / Donald DeMarco 1999

AMA Maximum Influence from Minimum Abilities: La Mettrie and Radical Materialism / William J. Fossati 1999

AMA On the Aristotelian Heritage of John of Damascus / Joseph Koterski, S.J. 1999

AMA Transcendental Thomism: Realism Rejected / Christopher M. Cullen, S.J. 1999

AMA Was Maritain a Crypto-Machiavellian? / James V. Schall, S.J. 1999

AMA Richard Hooker as Source of the Founding Principles of American Natural Law / Edward Furton 1999

AMA Neutral Frameworks, the Rule of Law and the Common Good / Terry Hall 1999

AMA Jacques Maritain and Alasdair Macintyre: The Person, the Common Good and Human Rights / Deborah Wallace 1999

AMA Jacques Maritain, Thomism and the Liberal-Communitarian Debate / Michael Moreland 1999

AMA On the Purpose ofthe State: Continuity and Change in Political Theories / Henk E. S. Woldring 1999

AMA Transcending Right and Left: A Question of Virtue / James G. Hanink 1999

AMA Jacques Maritain, Heroic Humanism and the Gospel / John X. Evans 1999

AMA Deconstruction, Onto-Theology and Thomas's Via Negativa / Matthew Pugh 1999

AMA The Postmodern Notion of Freedom and Aquinas's Ratio Entis / John F. X. Knasas 1999

AMA The Pseudo-Problem of Skepticism / Brendan Sweetman 1999

AMA A Critique of Social Construct Theory / Curtis L. Hancock 1999

AMA The Failure of Modernism - Epilogue: A Counterfeit Choice / Curtis L. Hancock 1999

AMA The Failure of Modernism - Contributors 1999

AMA The Failure of Modernism - Index 1999

AMA Beauty, Art, and the Polis / Edited by Alice Ramos 2000

AMA Beauty, Art, and the Polis - Title Page and Front Matter 2000

AMA Beauty, Art, and the Polis - Editor's Note 2000

AMA Beauty, Art, and the Polis - Introduction: "A Bracelet of Bright Hair About the Bone" / Ralph Mcinerny 2000

AMA "Radiance": The Metaphysical Foundations of Maritain's Aesthetics / John G. Trapani, Jr. 2000

AMA The Agent Intellect and the Energies of Intelligence / Donald Haggerty 2000

AMA Form and Fluidity: The Aquinian Roots of Maritain's Doctrine of the Spiritual Preconscious / Matthew Cuddeback 2000

AMA Scholastic Hylomorphism and Western Art: From the Gothic to the Baroque / Christopher M. Cullen. S.J. 2000

AMA On the Ontological Priority of Ends and Its Relevance to the Narrative Arts / Francis Slade 2000

AMA Beauty, Mind, and the Universe / Alice Ramos 2000

AMA Dante, Aquinas, and the Roots of the Modern Aesthetization of Reality / Patrick Downey 2000

AMA Art's Invaluable Uselessness / Gregory J. Kerr 2000

AMA Portraits of the Artist: Joyce, Nietzsche, and Aquinas / Thomas S. Hibbs 2000

AMA The Novel as Practical Wisdom / Daniel Mcinerny 2000

AMA The Agony and the Ecstasy of the Annunciation in Anne Sexton's "The Fierceness of Female" / Carrie Rehak 2000

AMA Music and Religion in Gilson's Philosophy of Art / Ralph Nelson 2000

AMA Maritain on Music: His Debt to Cocteau / Stephen Schloesser, S.J. 2000

AMA Maritain and Gilson on Painting / Desmond J. FitzGerald 2000

AMA Incarnate Beauty: Maritain and the Aesthetic Experience of Contemporary Icons / Katherine Anne Osenga 2000

AMA Dangerous Music / Wayne H. Harter 2000

AMA Epiphany and Authenticity: The Aesthetic Vision of Charles Taylor / Brian J. Braman 2000

AMA The Good. the Bad, and the Ugly: The Aesthetic in Moral Imagination / James P. Mesa 2000

AMA Is Medicine Today Still an Art? / John F. Morris 2000

AMA Art: A "Political" Good? / Jeanne M. Heffernan 2000

AMA The Arts and Authority / Joseph W. Koterski, S.J. 2000

AMA Social Justice as a Work of Art in Action / Henk E. S. Woldring 2000

AMA Beauty, Art, and the Polis - Contributors 2000

AMA Beauty, Art, and the Polis - Index 2000

AMA Reassessing the Liberal State: Reading Maritain's Man and the State / Edited by Timothy Fuller and John P. Hittinger 2001

AMA Reassessing the Liberal State - Acknowledgements 2001

AMA Introduction - Maritain and the Reassessment of the Liberal State / John Hittinger and Timothy Fuller 2001

AMA Reasons for a Civil Society / Russell Hittinger 2001

AMA Jacques Maritain and Michael Oakeshott on the Modern State / Timothy Fuller 2001

AMA The Question of Modernity in the Political Thought of Heinrich Rommen / William Haggerty 2001

AMA Work, Rest, and Generosity / Catherine Green 2001

AMA Maritain and Gilson on the Challenge of Political Democracy / Desmond FitzGerald 2001

AMA Constitutional Democracy in Search of Justification / Henk E.S. Woldring 2001

AMA Acknowledging Ambiguity and Difference in Politics: A Christian Realist Challenge to Thomists / Jeanne M. Heffernan 2001

AMA Kant's Contribution to the Idea of Democratic Pluralism / John R. Goodreau 2001

AMA Liberalism and Legitimacy: An Indictment / James Hanink 2001

AMA Maritain, St. Thomas Aquinas, and the First Principles of Natural Law / Gregory Doolan 2001

AMA Liberal Democracy, Natural Law and Jurisprudence: Thomistic Notes on an Irish Debate / V. Bradley Lewis 2001

AMA Denying What We Can't Not Know / J. Budziszewski 2001

AMA Different Music - The Same Keyboard: Obscene Art/Pornography and the First Amendment Debate / John Trapani, Jr. 2001

AMA The Cooperation of Church and State: Maritain's Argument from the Unity of the Person / John Hittinger 2001

AMA Maritain's "Integral Humanism" and Catholic Social Teaching / Joseph M. de Torre 2001

AMA Christian Humility and Democratic Citizenry: St. Augustine and Jacques Maritain / Deborah Wallace Ruddy 2001

AMA Maritain's Contribution to the Development of the Magisterium on Means / Nicholas C. Lund-Molfese 2001

AMA Pope Paul VI - Message to Men of Thought and Science - Message to Heads of State - Discourse at the Last General Session of Vatican II 2001

AMA Reassessing the Liberal State - Contributors 2001

AMA Reassessing the Liberal State - Index 2001

AMA Faith, Scholarship, and Culture in the 21st Century / Edited by Alice Ramos and Marie I. George 2002

AMA Faith, Scholarship, and Culture in the 21st Century - Frontmatter 2002

AMA Faith, Scholarship, and Culture in the 21st Century - Editor's Note 2002

AMA Faith, Scholarship, and Culture in the 21st Century - Introduction / Robert Royal 2002

AMA Fides et Ratio: A "Radical" Vision of Intellectual Inquiry / Alfred J. Freddoso 2002

AMA The Spirit of Medieval Philosophy in a Postmodern World / Gavin T. Colvert 2002

AMA Natural and Supernatural Modes of Inquiry: Reason and Faith in Thomistic Perspective / Peter A. Pagan 2002

AMA "Pati Divina": Mystical Union in Aquinas / Heather McAdam Erb 2002

AMA The Shadow of Molinism: Reflections on Grace and Liberty in Maritain / David Arias, Jr. 2002

AMA The Mind of the Universe: Understanding Science and Religion / Mariano Artigas 2002

AMA Science, Postmodernism, and the Challenge of Philosophy in the New Century / Warren Murray 2002

AMA The Catholic Faith, Scripture, and the Question of the Existence of Intelligent Extra-terrestrial Life / Marie I. George 2002

AMA Is There a Need For Catholic Identity in Bioethics? / John F. Morris 2002

AMA Time in Relation to Self, World, and God / Teresa I. Reed 2002

AMA How Reason Can Survive the Modern University: The Moral Foundations of Rationality / Dallas Willard 2002

AMA Maritain as Model of the Catholic Scholar / Ralph Mcinerny 2002

AMA Augustine versus Newman on the Relation between Sacred and Secular Science / John Goyette 2002

AMA Preserving the "Catholic Moment" by Inaugurating Catholic Studies at Non-Catholic Colleges and Universities / Frederick Erb III 2002

AMA The Natural Restoration of Fallen Angels in the Depths of Evil / James V. Schall. S.J. 2002

AMA Evil and Providence: Toward a New Moral Order / Alice Ramos 2002

AMA Culture: Blessing or Misfortune for the Jewish Religious Commitment? / Leon Klenicki 2002

AMA Religious Belief; Political Culture, and Community / William Sweet 2002

AMA The Philosophy and Politics of Freedom: Classical Solutions to Modern Problems / Jeanne M. Heffernan 2002

AMA Faith, Scholarship, and Culture in the 21st Century - Contributors 2002

AMA Faith, Scholarship, and Culture in the 21st Century - Index 2002

AMA Jacques Maritain and the Many Ways of Knowing / Edited by Douglas A. Ollivant 2002

AMA Jacques Maritain and the Many Ways of Knowing - Contents 2002

AMA Jacques Maritain and the Many Ways of Knowing - Editor's Preface 2002

AMA Introduction: The Forms of our Knowing: A Somewhat SocraticIntroduction / George Anastaplo 2002

AMA The Mysterious Value of the Human Person / Joseph M. deTorre 2002

AMA It Takes One to Know One: Connaturality - Knowledge or Prejudice? / Catherine Green 2002

AMA Knowing Our Knowings / Gregory J. Kerr 2002

AMA Transcendental Thomist Methodology and Maritain's "CriticalRealism" / John F. X. Knasas 2002

AMA Ways of Knowing Metaphysical Being: Aquinas and Heidegger / Matthew S. Pugh 2002

AMA Knowing Subjectivity: Jacques Maritain and John Crosby / James G.Hanink 2002

AMA Thomist or Relativist? Macintyre's Interpretation of adaequatiointellectus et rei / W. Matthews Grant 2002

AMA Gilson and Maritain on the Principle of Sufficient Reason / Desmond FitzGerald 2002

AMA The Loss of the Knowing Subject in Contemporary Epistemology / Raymond Dennehy 2002

AMA Combatting The Iron-Gloved Angel: Swift and Maritain v. Descartes / Thomas F. Woods 2002

AMA The Politics of Realism: Locke, Maritain, and Hallowell onLiberalism and Knowledge / Douglas A. Ollivant 2002

AMA The Air We Breathe: The Reality of Our Knowledge and Our Knowledgeof Reality / John G. Trapani, Jr. 2002

AMA Understanding Freedom as a Way of Knowing Social Life / Henk E.S. Woldring 2002

AMA Known Invincible Ignorance and Moral Responsibility: When We KnowThat We Don't Know / John F. Morris 2002

AMA Maritain and Macintyre on Moral Education / Christopher H. Toner 2002

AMA Yves R. Simon on the Nature and Role of Moral Philosophy / Ralph Nelson 2002

AMA Mystical Theology in Aquinas and Maritain / Robert A. Delfino 2002

AMA Nonlocality and Maritain's Dream of a Philosophy of Nature / James Arraj 2002

AMA Out of the Shadow: Henri Bergson and Three French Philosophers / William J. Fossati 2002

AMA Knowledge and Subjectivity in Maritain, Stravinsky, and Messiaen / Robert Fallon 2002

AMA The Recovery of the Symbolic / Steven J. Schloeder 2002

AMA Maritain on the Song of Songs / John M. Dunaway 2002

AMA Jacques Maritain and the Many Ways of Knowing - Contributors 2002

AMA Jacques Maritain and the Many Ways of Knowing - Index 2002

AMA Truth Matters / Edited by John G. Trapani, Jr. 2004

AMA Truth Matters - Editor's Note 2004

AMA Truth Matters - Introduction: "The Blind Men and the Elephant": Understanding the Secret of Epistemological Realism / John G. Trapani, Jr. 2004

AMA On The Prospect of Paradise On Earth / James V. Schall, S.J. 2004

AMA Truth and Friendship: The Importance of the Conversation of Friends / John A. Cuddeback 2004

AMA The Sine Qua Non of Love: A Pluralism Within / Gregory J. Kerr 2004

AMA Maritain and the Idea of a Catholic University / Gavin T. Colvert 2004

AMA A Fellowship Founded On Truth: The History of the Saint Ignatius Institute / Michael D. Torre 2004

AMA Truth or Consequences? Maritain and Dewey on the Philosophy of Education / Timothy S. Valentine, S.J. 2004

AMA Becoming Oneself: Maritain on Liberal Education / Anne M. Wiles 2004

AMA A Tribute to Rev. Gerald B. Phelan: Educator & Lover of Truth / Desmond J. FitzGerald 2004

AMA Darwin & Design: Exploring a Debate / Peter A. Pagan Aguiar 2004

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