Alexander Mackenzie

Alexander Mackenzie most commonly refers to: *Alexander Mackenzie (explorer) (1764–1820), explorer and commercial partner of the North West Company *Alexander Mackenzie (politician) (1822–1892), second Prime Minister of Canada

Alexander Mackenzie or MacKenzie may also refer to:

*Alexander Mackenzie of Kintail (died after 1471), Scottish clan chief *Alexander Muir Mackenzie (1764–1835), Scottish advocate and landowner *Alexander Slidell Mackenzie (1803–1848), American naval officer involved in the "''Somers'' Affair" *Alexander Mackenzie (historian) (1838–1898), Scottish historian *Alexander Slidell MacKenzie (1842–1867), officer in the US Navy *Alexander Mackenzie (civil servant) (1842–1902), British colonial official in Burma *Alexander Mackenzie (engineer) (1844–1921), US Army Chief of Engineers *Alexander Mackenzie (composer) (1847–1935), Scottish violinist, conductor, composer and head of the Royal Academy of Music in London *Alexander Marshall Mackenzie (1848–1933), Scottish architect *Alick Mackenzie or Alexander Cecil Knox Mackenzie (1870–1947), Australian cricketer *Alexander MacKenzie (priest) (1876–1969), Provost of St Andrew's Cathedral, Inverness *Alexander George Robertson Mackenzie (1879–1963), Scottish architect and son of Alexander Marshall Mackenzie *Alex Mackenzie (1885–1965), Scottish character actor *Addison Alexander MacKenzie or Lex MacKenzie (1885–1970), Canadian politician *Alexander Mackenzie (artist) (1923–2002), St Ives school artist *Alexander Mackenzie (Australian politician) or Sandy Mackenzie or Alexander Mackenzie (born 1941) *Alexander MacKenzie (rugby union) or Gregor MacKenzie (born 1956), Scottish rugby player Provided by Wikipedia
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