Arnošt of Pardubice

Ernst of Pardubitz - gravestone in Assumption Church in [[Kłodzko Arnošt z Pardubic (; ) (25 March 1297 probably in Hostinka near Náchod, or Glatz, County of Kladsko - 30 June 1364 in Raudnitz) was the first Archbishop of Prague (and the last bishop). He was also an advisor and diplomat to Emperor Charles IV.

Ernst inherited the town of Pardubice in 1340. He was confirmed bishop of Prague on 11 March 1343 (3 March 1343 O.S.), and was commissioned the first Archbishop of Prague on 8 May 1344 (30 April 1344 O.S.). He ordered the monks to contribute to the newly founded Charles University (14th century), hence enhancing the quality of the education in the institution. Provided by Wikipedia