Edward Rice

Edward Rice may refer to:

*Ed Rice (1918–2001), American author, publisher, photojournalist and painter *Edward A. Rice Jr. (born 1955), United States Air Force officer *Edward E. Rice (1847–1924), writer in American theater *Edward Loranus Rice (1871–1960), American biologist *Edward M. Rice (born 1960), American Catholic bishop *Edward Royd Rice (1790–1878), British MP for Dover, 1837–1857 *Edward Y. Rice (1820–1883), U.S. representative from Illinois *Edward Rice (Royal Navy officer) (1819–1902), British admiral *Edward Rice (priest) (1779–1862), Dean of Gloucester *Edward Hyde Rice (1847–1895), American academic *Edward Le Roy Rice (1871–1938), American producer of minstrel shows Provided by Wikipedia
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